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by Amba Refugees

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Gembu Refugee Camp, Nigeria, Nigeria

Amba Refugees

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Production of Cabbages

A loan of 
₦75000 helps this group to cultivate cabbages.

We are Southern Cameroonian refugees from Sabongari. We are presently refugees in Gembu. We have decided to take agriculture as income generating activity in order to be able to take care of ourselves and our families.

We are interested in growing cabbages because we have the experience, as we had been growing this at home. We would like to continue growing cabbages.

We hereby plead with and well-wishers out there to help us with a loan so that we can start the farm.
7 Farmers
2 Tins Seeds, 5 Hoes, 5 Machetes, 2 Watering Cans, 5 Buckets, 4 Bags Manure, 1 Wheel Barrow and 5 Litres Pesticides.


    Campaign Ended and withdrawal request.

    Your contributions to supporting the FADAWA ONE WOMEN CIG has been completed and Amba Refugess has requested a withdrawal form DAC to supporting the farmers of this group. This request was made and has been approved on the 30th April 2020.

  • 01-05-2020

    Payment made to Amba Refugees

    The transfer request for funds was completed on the above mentioned date to Amba Refugees account from DAC. The following transaction was processed:

    Name: ambarefugees
    Request: Withdraw request
    May 1, 2020 @ 12:47 pm
    Amount Requested: 195.00


  • 01-05-2020

    Payments Completed

    Below shows a trace of the transfer of funds made by the DAC community to Amba Refugees. This are the full details of the transfer process as evidence your donation has been channeled to the right organisation. Amba Refugees provided the details needed to complete this transfer.

  • 06-05-2020

    Final transfer to support group.

    Amba refugees has recently updated DAC community of the final transfer to the refugee farmers in Gembu to support them with the tools needed to start the new farming season.

    The receipt provided covers the full amount of all six completed campaign to reduce transfer charges as the funds are all going to one centre. This same receipt will show in all the feedback time line as the gross donation which will later be shared amongst the different farmers.

    NOTE:  Some of the information has been redacted for security reason and to safeguard the identity of our people. Click Here Refugee Funds Transfer Receipt to view receipt of final transfer to G1 or see image below.

    DAC encourage you to come back every forth night for more updates and how your donations are  supporting our people including the thousands of refugees. Our Feedback updates also keeps you in the loop how your donaions have gone a longway in supporting our vulnerable people and victims of the civil war in British Southern Cameroons – Ambazonia.


  • 10-05-2020

    Farmers meeting with funds distribution

    DAC has recently received updates from the meeting and how funds have been distributed to the refugee groups of farmers supporting them with the neccessary tools to jumpstart the farming season and empowering them to be able to sustain themselves, familiea and community.

    The distribution was cordinated by the leader and trainer of the refugees as you can see in the photos and videos. Only the leaders of the six main groups were invited to the meeting due to the current CORVID-19 crisis and keeping social distancing and avoiding so many people to gather in one place. More updates will be provided as DAC continues its humanitarian support via its community.

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Gideon Asanji $195.00 April 23, 2020


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