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Just giving for charities to support others.

Take the tour

Amina has prepared a short video on how DAC works.

Start by using your email address that you use regularly to register. This ensure you can receive our important emails. Feel the charity campaign form by providing as much information as possible.

Submit your campaign form to the DAC board where it will be processed to make sure it meets DAC standards for raising funds.

Once approval your campaign is made available to the public for contributions and disbursement once the target is met.

How It Works

Running a campaign has never been this easier.

Seeking support.

I am a victim of an attack that took place in my village. I lost my brother and sister and I need help. Report it to your local authority which can be your pastor, teacher, quarter head or anyone who plays an important role in your community.

This can be reported to your Local Government Area – LGA, NGO, charity group our any local group that is recognised by your community.

How DAC can fund you.

Once the charity, NGO, LGA or group learns of your situation, they will then put through an application to DAC which will be reviewed and made public to the community for funding.

An application will be submitted to the DAC administrative team where it will be reviewed and access for approval and once approved will be made public for funding from the community.

Funding your campaign.

Once your campaign goes live on DAC, the whole community becomes alert of the importance to fund this campaign for the time it has been set to make sure it can raise the set amount to needed by the applicant.

Crowdfunding can come from pledges, it general is funded by the community with a reserve fund basket to back any campaign that does not meet their set goal.

Live donations

Once your campaign for support from the community starts running, the whole community can view the donations live from the DAC website.

View the number of backers, view the amount raised in real-time, view the progression bar as it loads with the number of donors backing your campaign and raising funds for you.

Keep an eye on your money

Once the set target or time is reached, you will be notified by DAC and the organisation that applied for your funds can now put a request for funds .

DAC has made it easy to request funds directly into your account or by making payments with your debit or credit card. Note that credit card charges may apply. DAC also keeps a track of all donations.

Discover results

DAC keeps the whole community updated on what has happened to the funds raised by directly working with the organisation requesting funds to make sure that the victim receives the necessary help needed.

Feedbacks are presented to DAC which is readily made available under Updates to provide transparency and accountability for all the funds raised.

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