DAC launches new tools to support the CSOs & NGOs

CSOs and NGOs workspaces

DAC development team have been working for the past three months following the partnership between the Civil Society Organisations and Non Governmental Organisations to introduce a better working environment for managing projects. It has been the drive of these organisations to be able to manage all projects in one place to make sure there is clear transparency, accountability and results. The DAC development team has been working on the following tools to make this a reality.

  1. CSO Workspace
  2. News Space

The development of these two platforms have been closely related and geared towards project management and the needs tailored to support any CSO or NGO working together under the One Pot theory. This tools will better support the CSOs and NGOs better manage their data collection, work and management of their individual organisations. There is the need for each organisation to have a set structure or follow same approach when it comes dealing with our vulnerable people. We will now take this opportunity to brief you as members of the DAC community how this tools facilitate our work as CSOs.


CSOs Workspace is simple tool developed for project management and emergencies. It’s a smart tool improvised and build around the activities carried out by the CSOs and NGOs. After several weeks of case studies and how information flows and how help is provided and administered, CSOs workspace comes in to simplify the process and make it easy for filing each case from the point of assessment, planning, implementation and results.

One of the key functions CSOs Workspace brings is not just managing projects but also provide a database to log all the activities our CSOs and NGOs are providing to our people. It also help us as a country to start collecting relevant data that can readily be made available to any other humanitarian organisation if need be for any support.


This has been developed to provide a video and picture sharing hub for all our CSOs and NGOs to updated our community of the projects that are in progress and those that have been completed. There has been the need to have a central hub that can be used to showcase the great work our volunteers are doing in supporting our people.

There is the need for organising our information and presenting the information to the world will need a space where each organisation can have a cloud via which they can update the community how your donations are being used. This space will carry all the CSOs and NGOs working together with each one having their own niche and followings.

With space it becomes easy to share stories, follow the organisation of your choice and also we have provided the options for users to be able to comment and build a relationship with the CSO or NGO you support.

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