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We see people, charities, LGAs, NGOs using DAC to raise money for their needs, supporting those in need and families or even complete strangers in random acts of kindness. DAC will raise money for anything humaniterian, including medical expenses, education fees, volunteer programmes, food, funerals & memorials, and even local projects like drinking water, public toilets, public lights, local libraries and more.

We are always amazed at the ways our people use DAC to raise money. Read about some recent success stories or see how DAC works.

DAC makes it incredibly easy to raise money online for the things that matter to you and our people. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to personalise your fundraising campaign and share it with our people worldwide. In fact, over £10.000 has been raised and invested by DAC to jumpstart its humaniterian support.

With DAC, the money you collect goes directly to you or the organisation in question. There are no deadlines or limits – every donation that you receive is yours to keep. Raising money for yourself or a loved one has never been easier.

All you need to do is contact your Local Government Area – LGA, any running community recognised community group, charity or NGO within your community to apply and setup your campaign. They will perform their local investigations and put through your application for funds to DAC.

Our administrative Team will process your application and if approved will be made live to our people for support. What’s more, we’re here to help whenever you need it. DAC will respond to your emails round the clock, 7 days a week and you can even drop us your questions using our Whatsapp Help Centre. We respond within 10mins and 24hrs.

DAC features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Your donors’ online payments are safe and your money is stored securely until you are ready to request a withdrawal via electronic bank transfer or world remit.

Once your DAC starts receiving online donations, you can easily request a withdrawal whenever you like. Withdrawing money does not affect the progress meter displayed on your campaign. Simply click “Withdraw” while logged into your account and follow the instructions. You can withdraw your balance and transfer it directly to your bank account. Bank transfers take 2–5 working days to appear in your account.

DAC Withdrawal Policy

We shall hold back a certain percentage of the money raised as part of our policy to make sure we get feedback from the campaign owner before the full amount is withdrawn. The reason we have adopted this policy is to make sure we have constant feedback from the campaign goal to update all donors how their contributions have been used. This is to provide trust and transparency for our donors to know how their contributions are impacting our people.

Yes. DAC makes it easy for another member organisation to securely access the funds you have raised. Through DAC, they will receive direct access to the money you have raised with the organisation approval. Please note: You will not be able to enter their cheque or bank details during the withdrawal process personally. They will need to do this themselves.

The DAC platform is free. A standard transaction fee may apply on withdrawals depending on the method of payment and will be charged by the merchant used includes credit card processing fees and international transfer of funds using mediums like Western Union, World Remit, Money Gram and more.

DAC is powered by the kindness of our donors. Donors to your campaign may choose to commit to DAC a voluntary tip during the registration process. These tips enable us to maintain and improve our free platform so that we can help even more people. We are incredibly grateful for the donors who help us keep DAC the safest, most trusted and most successful option for personal fundraising and humaniterian support.

We also have pledges setup on the DAC Relief Funds which is the DAC reserve pot to power any campaign that doesnot meet its targeted goal. Click below to see more information about DAC Relief Funds.

No, and Yes. With DAC, there are no deadlines or time limits but this depends on the campaign running. Organisations can choose a deadline especially for emergencies or just leave their campaign to run indefinitely.

Your campaign will remain live until you choose to turn off donations or remove the campaign altogether. Most organisers leave their campaigns active indefinitely to refer back to the kind comments and support that they receive and this also applies with closed campaigns. Click the link below to view all campaigns.

No problem. We understand reaching your goal is very important but if you do not reach your target, that is where DAC Relief Funds takes action automatically. All the pledges made to DAC works as a reserve bank to power any campaign that falls short of meeting its target. Note that the reserve funds remains public for all registered donors for monitering and accountability.


Funding any incomplete campaign on DAC is conditional and will depend on the nature of the campaign running on DAC. The DAC Relief Funds used as a reserve goes a long way to supporting all campaigns but there are certain conditions to be met by all organisations with an exception of campaigns targeted towards healthcare and refugees needs.

For all other organisations there must show actively with evidence how they have promoted their campaign with actively contributing to the campaign raised with its members. It is DAC policy that all campaigns should at least be supported first by its member for good faith and to lead by example.  The community at this stage will decide what % will released to support the campaign in question.

With DAC, you keep each and every donation that you receive. Your campaign will be able to accept donations even after you’ve reached your goal. Once the goal is reached, the progress meter on your campaign will show that you have received more than your goal amount. If you would like to continue raising money, you can keep your campaign running for as long as you like.

DAC provides an easy way to raise money with the support of LGAs, charities, community groups, NGOs  and any frontline community organisations. Our platform makes it simple to share your campaign in a variety of ways to bring in donations, track your progress and post updates to engage your community.

We are bulding our list of supported LGAs and charities to ensure that your community is covered and supported.

Questions about receiving donations

Absolutely! With DAC, LGAs, charities, NGOs, local community recognised groups or Njangi Houses can easily raise money for you and even make sure that donations go directly to support you.

DAC delivers your funds to you quickly because we know that many fundraising needs are time-sensitive. You can set up withdrawals and add your bank account details as soon as you accept the campaign organiser’s invitation to make you a beneficiary.

Bank transfers then take 2–5 working days to appear in your account. You can also view the transaction from your DAC dashboard.


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