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Discover the events leading to the current genocide in formal British Southern Cameroons. The River Of Blood is a collection of stories and images put together to show the world the ongoing genocide taking place in Southern Cameroons. 

The River Of Blood will be made available as a digital Book and can be bought and downloaded from any app store. Once you reserve now you will be provided a code to download once the app is available.

Working together to showcase the impact and value of their schools in supporting the vulnerable people of Southern Cameroons.

Often outside of the glare of the media and with little fanfare, people across our alumni and the world have come together to help whenever they were needed.

We start by giving so we can have more, lift others so that you can be lifted. It’s not about how much you have, it’s what you do with what you have. The most selfish thing you can do in this world is help someone else because the gratification and the goodness that comes to you is a good feeling. Support your alumni, support our vulnerable people.



DAC partners with other charities, groups and most Civil Society Network – CSN in providing the needs of our people.

These partner organisations work with DAC in collaboration in areas of health assistance, feeding, education, shelter and accommodation, empowerment and economic sustainability.

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